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Message from the President


During my 36 years with the Children's Aid Home Programs and the Children's Aid Society Foundation, I have had the opportunity and pleasure to meet and serve many  children and their families. These children all had their unique challenges in life as well as special strengths. Our mission was and continues to be, to help these children and families receive the help, support, and guidance they so desperately need to reach their potential and lead  meaningful lives.

Last year alone, our Programs provided over 12,000 days of care touching over 110 children in their array of services which include Foster Care, Residential Care, Day Treatment, Options Education, and Adoption Programs. The needs of our children are becoming more complex as our society faces increasing challenges and more children are having to live with trying situations and circumstances.

As we move forward with our mission, we will continue our work of providing the best and most effective care while working to achieve successful outcomes for our children. The Children's Aid Society Foundation Promises to:


- Work to develop the financial resources to support programs to meet the needs of our children and families.  Special attention will be given to program innovations and enhancements which meet the ever changing and complex needs of our children and families.


- Develop resources for long-term sustainability of new and existing programs.  This will assure the needs of children and families will be met for the long-term future.

- Advocate for legislation, policy, and funding changes to benefit children and families.

- Advocate for meeting the needs of children and families by helping develop program enhancements and new programming.  This will be accomplished by assessing our region's needs, bringing stakeholders together, developing collaborations, and assisting with implementation.

All this to help our children lead happy, healthy, and successful lives.

Robert Miller

The Children's Aid Society Foundation

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to develop, grow, and distribute resources which will be used to support, guide, and enhance the lives of children and families in need.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We have the best interests of the children and families at heart in all our efforts.
  • We practice prudence with our operating expenses so as to maximize resources for children and families.
  • We advocate for committed, passionate, and responsible care and services for children and families.
  • We support programs and services for children and families that demonstrate positive and successful outcomes.
  • We strive to grow our circle of charitable friends committed to the safety and well-being of children and families.
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